Patch+ Instructional Video

m-CARDS Patch+

Why am I having this test?

The m-CARDS Patch+ has been put on you by your physician.

24 hours before your test is completed, one of our cardiac health technicians will call you to remind you when to remove your patch.


What can I do with the Patch on?

The m-CARDS Patch+ is water resistant so you can safely shower with it on. Normal activity is encouraged except for swimming. If the patch gets too wet, it will affect the adhesive.


What happens when the test is over?

At the end of your testing period, which your doctor will have written on the pre-paid envelope, you simply need to remove the m-CARDS Patch+ and place it in the envelope.

Seal the envelope and take it to the nearest Canada Post mail box. It will then be returned to the cardiac diagnostic center.