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m-Health Solutions specializes in remote patient monitoring and cardiac diagnostics. Using leading-edge technologies, m-Health Solutions has created a system where the patient is the center of care. Once attached to the patient, the mobile technology sends cardiac data directly to a centralized and secure facility where acardiac technologist reviews the information in near real-time. In the event of an urgent finding, the cardiologist is immediately notified. The service includes a patient-centric system that delivers the monitoring technology directly to a patient’s home. Easy access and hook-up improves patient compliance and prevents the need for the patient to have multiple trips for device hook up and removal. The system can also be used by health care facilities to monitor patients in the comfort of their own home post-discharge.  


m-CARDS Patch+

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Tech monitors TAVI patients at home

Tech monitors TAVI patients at home

Through a partnership with local company m-Health Solutions, patients can wear a remote heart monitoring device for two weeks after undergoing a transcatheter aortic valve implantation.