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Why has my doctor ordered this test?

Your doctor has ordered a cardiac diagnostic test for you. This test is very simple and will provide valuable information for your doctor.


How is the kit sent to me?

The kit is shipped by priority post. In order to accept the package please make sure someone is home to sign for it. If no one is home, Canada Post will leave a postal card indicating where your package is waiting for you to pick up.


Why is the recorder inside a pouch?

The recorder is packed in a pouch to protect it.

Do not remove the recorder from the pouch.


My package has a BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry communicates with the recorder and sends events to our Heart-Health center.

The BlackBerry contains an instructional video for you to learn how to hook up the recorder, electrode patches, and BlackBerry.  The BlackBerry is programmed specifically with the cardiac device and it can not be used to make phone calls or to text message

* It is important to keep the BlackBerry on all the time and within 10 meters of the recorder.


My doctor placed 2 electrode patches on my body?

Your doctor has placed these electrode patches to show you where the two patches should be placed on your body when you need to replace them. Knowing where to place the electrode patches will prepare you for when you connect yourself to the recorder when you receive the package.


Should I keep the recorder on when doing any kind of sporting event or activity?

You may keep the recorder on when playing all sports that do not involve water, such as swimming. It is important that the BlackBerry is always close by, within 10 meters or 30 feet. It is recommended to wear a tight top and tuck the recorder and its wires underneath it.

* It is important to remember to take the recorder off when participating in any kind of sporting event or activity that involves water, such as swimming.


How will I know when my test is done?

When the Heart-Health centre has enough information you will be called by a cardiac technologist and instructed on how to put everything back in the kit box. The recorder will not need to be turned off. The BB will need to be turned off by pressing its red button for a few seconds. Make sure to put back into the kit:

  • The BlackBerry and its charger
  • The recorder in its protective pouch and its attachments (lead wires and neck straps)
  • Any unused electrode patches and alcohol swabs
  • The instruction handbook
  • DVD

Place the kit in the self-addressed, postage paid envelope. Seal it and drop it in any Canada Post mailbox.

I have sent the kit back, but I have noticed that I have forgotten to include one of the components from the kit?

Please call our Heart-Health centre and we would be happy to send you a prepaid envelope so you can return the item back to us. Once you receive the prepaid envelope, please put the item in it, seal it and drop it in any Canada Post mailbox. Our phone number is 1.888.636.0186.





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