m-CARDS Patch+

Comprehensive Reporting

  •  72 hours of Full Disclosure.
  • Heart rate trending and ecotopic beat counts.
  • Accurate identification of A-FIB and A-Flutter with onset and offset
    documentation and calculation of A-FIB burden.
  • Documented Transient Heart Blocks, Pauses, Ectopic Rhythms and beat
    morphology changes.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Very fast turnaround time for reporting.
  • Scanning and preliminary report preparation completed by
    Ontario-based cardiac technologists; (All graduates of CSCT
    approved programs and members of the Canadian Society of
    Cardiac Technologists).
  • Water resistant (patients can shower).
  • Easy to return after 72 hours in pre-paid, self-address envelope.
  • Records every beat of the heart, 100% arrhythmia diagnosis.
  • Symptom/rhythm correlation available.
  • Extremely well-tolerated by patients; no wires!